The Irish base metal ore field is one of the world’s best mineralized zinc provinces and is considered highly prospective for new zinc discoveries.  In 2015, Ireland was the world’s 10th largest zinc producing nation with 230,000 tonnes produced.

Ireland is ranked number one for zinc per square kilometre in the world and number two for lead.  It is home to the substantial Navan deposit (111 Mt @ 7.9% Zn & 1.9% Pb) with an in-situ metal value, if discovered today, of more than US$22 billion.

Stable fiscal and regulatory regime with excellent and cost-effective exploration service infrastructure Irish-Type zinc deposits are highly sought after by major mine developers due to Ireland’s mining regime, and high quality zinc concentrates.

The country is now poised for the next round of major discoveries.  Breakthroughs in seismic survey interpretation to locate structural traps and drilling focused exploration strategy will be used to test very prospective basin areas both along strike from known deposits and below previously explored surface levels.


Ireland: Major Mines
Ireland: Major Mines
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